William Purvis Marine Centre

The third floor of The Harbour Centre is the home of The William Purvis Marine Centre. The museum is dedicated to preserve and promote the marine history of the Great Lakes with displays organized around specific themes. Through publications, speakers, open houses, and the hosting of other activities, the marine museum helps preserve the history of the Great Lakes and makes it accessible to the public. 

The marine museum contains an archive of records derived from the Great Lakes marine history and photographs of its many Great Lakes ships. The archive, and the museum draw people who want to research the history of the Great Lakes shipping to The Harbour Centre.  

Opening Hours


Closed until further notice. 

40 Water Street, Gore Bay, ON

(Third Floor) 

Telephone: (705) 282-0190

Photo by Isobel Harry

Buck Longhurst is foremost a historian, and his passion is to preserve the lesser-known history of the Great Lakes. Buck has published many books for sale at the museum and gives numerous lecture series. 

Click to see the full images and visit the marine museum to see more models, photographs and artifacts on the history Great Lakes Shipping!

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The Gore Bay Museum strives for creativity, innovation and excellence in the presentation and promotion of history, arts and culture. 

The MV Edmund Fitzgerald was built in 1958 at River Rouge, MI. by Great Lakes Engineering Works. She disappeared with all hands (29) on November 10, 1975 in Lake Superior.